Famous Composers

  • Mozart: The term is defined from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, an Austrian composer. He was looked up as the father of Mozart, he was hardly three years old when he learned the Piano and soon developed his skills on all musical forms he created a string of operas, concertos, symphonies and classical music. Being the son of a great composer Leopold, It’s unbelievable how he could compose music at the age of five. The form of music is named after his name which is not surprising because he was the creator of this style of singing. He was the personification of Classical Music; the music style is well balanced and highly technical.
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  • Bass: Bass is typically classified as a type of classical Male singing with a lowest vocal range of all voice types. Culture and individual variations has created a wide range of Quality of Bass singers. In Choral music, Voices are classified into first bass and second bass; there is no distinction between bass and baritone voices in contrast to the three fold (tenor, baritone, bass) categorization of solo voices. Again there are many categories of bass singers like Basso Buffo which means funny lyrical these are comic operas usually. Then we have Lyric Basso Profound which is the lowest bass voice type, The categories of Bass is basically on Regional and Nationality level since ever region in our country has adapted changes based on the communal choices. But it’s really not the voice type very popular today.

Few famous Bass singers like Richard Sterban, J.D Sumner, Paul Robeson and Billy Medley.

Alto: The term Alto means High in Italian and refers to the second highest part of a contrapuntal music texture, and is also associated to vocal range, especially in Choral music.

Technically Alto and Contra alto are not the same since *Alto* is not a voice type but a designated vocal line in choral music based on vocal range, the vocal range if alto in choral music is usually more similar to that of a mezzo-soprano.SO basically in a Choir women are split into sopranos and altos where as men are split into tenors and basses .We can say that tenors are the male equivalents of sopranos and basses are male equivalent of altos.

How to Sing Better