How far can helicopter travel?

There are few things more exciting to spot than a helicopter in your general vicinity. These awe-inspiring machines have the ability to help people in need, supply a fun and exciting way to see the world, and are an excellent tool for many businesses and countries.

helicopter travel

Helicopters have been around since 1939. But interestingly enough, the idea of a machine that flies vertically is thought to have been around since about 400bc. In China, many children played with toys that resembled a helicopter that were made from bamboo.

Leonard da Vinci is even said to have designed a helicopter machine on paper in the 1400s that he hoped would one day be made into a real-life invention. He hoped that this machine would be able to fly vertically and operate with a pilot.

Helicopters work because of their spinning rotors. Most helicopters have two rotors; the first rotor is the one we all think recognize on a helicopter. It is the one that is on the top of the cab. But, helicopters usually have another rotor. This rotor can be found on the tail. These rotors work together to provide thrust and lift.

Because helicopters are capable of hovering and getting close to the earth, they are ideal for helping in emergency situations. They can reach people who are endangered quickly when needed. For instance, if someone gets lost and a plane, car, or other rescue vehicle cannot handle the terrain or get there quickly enough most people decide using a helicopter is the way to go.

Large, turbine powered helicopters can fly up to 25,000 feet. However, the common helicopter is not able to fly anywhere close to that height. Most helicopters can comfortably and safely hover at about 10,000 feet altitude.

How far can helicopter travel? Helicopters do not have the range that other airplanes do. Some helicopters can travel for about 5 hours without needing to stop for fuel. But most helicopters should only go for about 2 and a half hours before they come down and refuel. This equates to about 250 miles. Most experts recommend that you plan on only flying for about 2 hours and 15 minutes so in case of an emergency you may have a fuel reserve.

Another factor that might contribute to the length of time a helicopter can fly is the weather conditions. Heavy winds and adverse weather cause the helicopter to work harder, therefore using more fuel. Many people recount stories on how a route they normally took in a helicopter may not work because of poor weather conditions.

Helicopters are truly an incredible piece of equipment that has helped and has the ability to help many people. Many people also love helicopters because they are a fairly easy machine to maneuver. Whatever you use your helicopter for, make sure to always be prepared when you are going on a flight. Know how far can helicopter travel. Always check to see that your helicopter is properly fueled. It is also necessary to continually monitor the fuel gauge to ensure you have enough gas to reach your destination safely.